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The Groomiez
Policy Agreement

Basic Requirements

•Pet parent must be present to specify service requested.
•Terms and conditions must be agreed by pet parent before any grooming services are provided.

•Current Pet Vaccinations.
•Place to park The Groomiez Mobile Vehicle.


All services includes: premium shampoo and conditioner,

ear cleaning, cologne, and nail trim.

Small Dog Bath (0-20lbs) - $85-$100
Small Dog Bath & Haircut (0-20lbs)  - $125-$150

Medium Dog Bath (30-50lbs) - $115-$150
Medium Dog Bath & Haircut  (3
0-50lbs) - $145-$200

Large Dog Bath (60 & Up) - $145-$200
Large Dog Bath & Haircut  (60 & U
p) - $195-$250

Additional Pricing

Fleas & Ticks Service - $20-$50

DeShedding Treatment - $30-$50

DeMatting - $50 - Up

Special Handling - $50 - Up



Please have your pet prepared for scheduled appointment time. It is best recommended not to feed your pet before the service. This is may result for some pets to get nervous and/or vomit. For your pets safety, it is best if the pet is left alone with the groomer.  Pets can be easily distracted by their owner during the grooming process as it is easier on them to focus on one person than multiple people. In the event that needed help with your pet, a notification call will be made to pet parent. If you have any questions or need to reach the groomer, while grooming your pet, it is best to call.

Aggressive Pets

If pet shows signs of a aggression, Groomer will determine within 10-15 minutes if it is safe for your pet or the groomer to continue any services. The Groomer will return the pet to owner at half the charge of the service provided.  Please note that the groomer will get as much of the groom done as possible. The Groomiez goal is to be as safe as possible when grooming all pets. The Groomiez do not accept sedated pets. It is best advised that a local veterinarian handle pets that must be sedated. They contain the proper medical equipment needed in case of a medical emergency.

Fleas or Ticks

A pet that may be infested fleas and or ticks will be charged an additional for flea/tick shampoo to help keep unwanted pest. It is the pet parent's responsibility to keep your pet on flea and tick prevention. The Groomiez will recommend a treatment that is best for your pet. Strongly recommend keeping your pet on a regular grooming schedule (once a month) to help you keep track of their flea/tick prevention.


Please call within 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you are unable to keep your appointment, there will be a $25 NON-REFUNDABLE fee before The Groomiez will book another appointment for you. Failure to pay fee may result in the termination of services and your pet will be removed from further scheduled appointments.

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